Romanian Grand Prix FCI 2013 - Finala

Regulaton: Romanian Grand Prix FCI ARAD 11th Edition 2022

Dear fanciers, you are welcome to participate at the 11th edition of ROMANIAN GRAND PRIX FCI ARAD 2022. We promise you the same care for the pigeons, the same transparency organizing the races and the same fairness when it comes to giving the prices.

The collecting period in 15.03.2022 - 31.05.2022. Every fancier who wants to participate in our One Loft Race must register at least 2 pigeons. We have a great offer this year: 5+1 FREE.

This year's fee is 100 euro/pigeon and the transportation fee is 10 euro/pigeon. The prizes are calculated for 1.000 paid pigeons.

The FINAL RACE will take place on September, 24th 2022 and the pigeons will be released from Amstetten, Austria, 505 km. The prizes for the final race are:

Place 1: 20.000 euro + trophy + FCI medal + diploma

Place 2: 8.000 euro + trophy + FCI medal + diploma

Place 3: 3.000 euro + trophy + FCI medal + diploma

Places 4-10: 1.000 euro + diploma

Places 11-25: 200 euro + diploma

The SEMIFINAL: 10.09.2022 (405 km)

Place 1: 3.000 euro

Place 2: 2.000 euro

Place 3: 1.000 euro

We have great prizes for top 3 pigeons on the first 3 races, too:

HOTSPOT 1 - 20.08.2022 (105 km):

Place 1: 3 FREE pigeons in 2023

Place 2: 2 FREE pigeons in 2023

Place 3: 1 FREE pigeon in 2023

HOTSPOT 2 - 27.08.2022 (195 km):

Place 1: 3 FREE pigeons in 2023

Place 2: 2 FREE pigeons in 2023

Place 3: 1 FREE pigeon in 2023

HOTSPOT 3 - 03.09.2022 (255 km):

Place 1: 3 FREE pigeons in 2023

Place 2: 2 FREE pigeons in 2023

Place 3: 1 FREE pigeon in 2023

ACE CATHEGORY: the winners of ACE cathegory will be chosen by the Benzing algorithm. The prizes for this cathegory are:

Place 1: 2.500 euro + trophy

Place 2: 1.500 euro + trophy

Place 3: 500 euro + trophy

We wish best of luck to all the fanciers!

Useful information

Anyone who wants to take part at the gala on Saturday evening (12.09.2015) has to make a reservation ASAP!!! You can make a reservation by calling at the following number - 0040-740671941 or by sending a private message on Facebook or e-mail. On Wednesday evening, we will close the list, so HURRY UP!!!

We have finished basketing the pigeons for the 3rd main race - ERD (Hungary). Hopefully, the weather will be favorable in the morning. Because this year the weather was unfortunate, we weren't able to organize a number of 4 races as initially planned. This is why this 3rd race represents the semi final. Next Saturday, 12.09.2015, we will organize the last race - the final.
We wish all of you best of luck tomorrow!

If the weather will allow us, we will basket the pigeons this evening in order to release them tomorrow morning (04.09.2015) for the 3rd race. We keep in touch!


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good day, we found a mail pigeon in Slovakia. the number is: Yellow ring: RO-2017-9009834 RO GOLD black ring: BRICON 5000 has been here for 6 days can you contact the owner?
buna ziua , am gasit un porumbel cu seria Ro2016 928605 fci ranit la o aripa in judetul Botosani.daca sunte ti interesat de el ma puteti contacta la 0740452232
Am gasit un porumbel voiajor de concurs cu seria RO 2015 884518 FCI BRICON 5000 in jud. Ialomita , localitatea Axintele.Tel 0751127235.
Buna ziua ! Astazi data de 12-07-2016 am prins porumbeii cu seriile (=0688256-2010=) (=2014-FCI-0547868=)si (=2015-RO-FCI-331363=) !!! Oras-Bumbesti-Jiu- Sat-Tetila relatii pe Email--- !

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