Romanian Grand Prix FCI 2013 - Finala

Regulation: the VIIth Edition of Romanian Grand Prix FCI Loft

The organizers wish good luck to all participants at the 2018 edition. Also, it launches the invitation to all fanciers in the country and abroad to follow week by week the evolution of the championship and even for them to become competitors in the following editions.

        The registration fee for a pigeon in the loft is 75 euro /pigeon; any pigeon-breeder from the country and from abroad can be registered with minimum 2 pigeons, the maximum being unlimited.

        All the participants who register minimum 4 pigeons will be allowed to bring 1 pigeon FOR FREE (4+1). The fee for transportation is 10 euro/pigeon and/or 25 euro/team (5 pigeons).

        The first 50 pigeons arrived from the final race and the first 10 at AS cathegory will be sold at an auction organised by a specialized website or by our official website. After paying the fee for organising the auction, the rest of the money resulted will be split equally between the owner of the pigeon and the organiser of the loft. All the other pigeons can be bought by their owners for 200 RON (aprox 45 euro) in 10 day time after the final race, afterwards the pigeons will remain in the property of the loft.

        Ranking and results will be established respecting the GRAND PRIX FCI system : the first 25% range. Calculation formula is the following:

Place in the ranking X 1000 / No of pigeons embarked X distance

Example: 8 X 1000 / 500 X 350 km = 0.045

1) Teams can be registered with up to 10 pigeons as unique pigeon-breeder or in tandem. A pigeon-breeder or tandem can participate with an unlimited number of teams (10 pigeons), these being identified with A, B, C.

2) FCI will designate a delegate for controlling the pigeons at the contest. The delegate will supervise the basketing of the pigeons, will check the seals, will receive the situation of the weather conditions in order to take a decision regarding the launching and will check the first pigeons arrived.

3) The organizers will allow the FCI delegate to control any aspect before and during the contest.

4) In order to designate the World Champion, FCI will take into consideration 4 of the best results from 4 different contests in two consecutive years 2017-2018.

5) Every pigeon-breeder or team will be able to participate to all lofts under the FCI auspices and will be able, in the future, to be designated as World Champion.


Without exception, the pigeons must be accompanied by: pedigree, property talon & rings of 2018.


 The registration is opened in the interval 15th of March – 31st of May, 2018.


In cases of force majeure (ex. epidemics, avian influenza, bad weather), the organizers reserve their right to modify the programs of training and contests, inclusively the date and distance to which the final race will take place. All these decisions will be taken in cooperation with the FCI representatives.


The organizers take responsibility for insuring the best conditions of feeding, treatment, trainings and safety for all the pigeons.


The awarding ceremony will take place on 15th of September2018, the day when Sopron final race will also take place.

Useful information

Anyone who wants to take part at the gala on Saturday evening (12.09.2015) has to make a reservation ASAP!!! You can make a reservation by calling at the following number - 0040-740671941 or by sending a private message on Facebook or e-mail. On Wednesday evening, we will close the list, so HURRY UP!!!

We have finished basketing the pigeons for the 3rd main race - ERD (Hungary). Hopefully, the weather will be favorable in the morning. Because this year the weather was unfortunate, we weren't able to organize a number of 4 races as initially planned. This is why this 3rd race represents the semi final. Next Saturday, 12.09.2015, we will organize the last race - the final.
We wish all of you best of luck tomorrow!

If the weather will allow us, we will basket the pigeons this evening in order to release them tomorrow morning (04.09.2015) for the 3rd race. We keep in touch!


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good day, we found a mail pigeon in Slovakia. the number is: Yellow ring: RO-2017-9009834 RO GOLD black ring: BRICON 5000 has been here for 6 days can you contact the owner?
buna ziua , am gasit un porumbel cu seria Ro2016 928605 fci ranit la o aripa in judetul Botosani.daca sunte ti interesat de el ma puteti contacta la 0740452232
Am gasit un porumbel voiajor de concurs cu seria RO 2015 884518 FCI BRICON 5000 in jud. Ialomita , localitatea Axintele.Tel 0751127235.
Buna ziua ! Astazi data de 12-07-2016 am prins porumbeii cu seriile (=0688256-2010=) (=2014-FCI-0547868=)si (=2015-RO-FCI-331363=) !!! Oras-Bumbesti-Jiu- Sat-Tetila relatii pe Email--- !

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